[Ginger GM] Killer Endgames

[Ginger GM]
- Killer Endgames -
(2 DVD)
Nick Pert

English Grandmaster Nick Pert is considered to be a leading expert in endgame theory. Fortunately for us, the former World Under 18 Champion has decided to share his knowledge of endgame play. Follow Nick as he systematically explains the secrets behind his success in the endgame!

Killer Endgames – Part 1: Beginner to Intermediate (more than 4 hours)
Killer Endgames – Part 2: Intermediate to Advanced (more than 4 hours)

Chess players have a tendency to focus mainly on improving their opening play but one must not forget that many games are actually decided in the endgame. Ginger GM  has released two new endgame DVDs that will enhance a player’s performance in this particular area of the game.

Using his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Grandmaster Nick Pert presents a series of lessons, categorized according to rating, that are designed to familiarise players with basic endgame theory. Nick also demonstrates the importance of this theory by providing real-life examples where superior endgame technique has proved to be decisive. Furthermore, puzzles have been included at the end of each chapter to test what has been learnt.

<DVD Contents>

Killer Endgames: DVD 1

Under 1000
mating with king & queen v king;
mating with king & rook v king;
the square of the pawn;
rook v 2 pawns on the sixth.

king & pawn endings: opposition;
mating with king & two bishops v king;
elementary principles of rook & pawn v rook;
king & pawn endings: the Outside Passed Pawn.

queen v pawn on the 7th (rook’s pawn, knight’s pawn, bishop’s pawn and centre pawn);
king & rook v king & knight;
king & rook v king & bishop;
bishop & ‘wrong’ rook’s pawn;
rook & pawn v rook: Philidor’s Defence;
mating with king & queen v king & knight;
mating with king & queen v king & bishop;
Practical Examples and Puzzles

Killer Endgames: DVD 2

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: 1800-2200

2: 1st Introductory Game:
Rook and Pawn vs Rook – Flank Checks

3: 2nd Introductory Game:
Bishop and Knight vs King
Alekseev,E (2714) – Cheparinov,I (2678)
5th FIDE GP Jermuk ARM (6) 15.08.2009

4: 3rd Introductory Game:
Bishop and Knight vs King
Pert,N (2551) – Gordon,S (2534)
97th ch-GBR Canterbury ENG (11) 06.08.2010

5: 4th Introductory Game:
Lucena drawing technique
Pert,N (2488) – Dvoirys,S (2569)
Essent Open Hoogeveen NED (7) 16.10.2003

6: 5th Introductory Game:
Rook and Knight vs Rook
Pert,N (2160) – Berg,E
Wch U14 St Lorenzo (1) 1995

7: 6th Introductory Game:
Queen vs Rook
Svidler (2734) – Howell (2616)
Part 2 Amsterdam, 2010

8: 1st Puzzle

9: 2nd Puzzle

10: 3rd Puzzle:
The famous Richard Reti Endgame Study

11: 4th Puzzle:
Similar to the Reti Study

12: 5th Puzzle:

Part 3: 2200-2400

13: 1st Introductory Game:
Queen vs Rook
Svidler (2734) – Howell (2616)
Part 1 Amsterdam (10.5) 2010

14: 2nd Introductory Game:
Rook and four pawns on the kingside vs Rook and three
Jakovenko,D (2711) – Mamedyarov,S (2752)
TCh-RUS Dagomys RUS (9) 11.04.2008

15: 3rd Introductory Game:
Passed pawn in the rook ending
Pert,N (2475) – Vallin,G (2359)
EU-ch U20 Patras (9) 25.07.2001

16: 4th Introductory Game:
Passed pawn in the rook ending
Pert,N (2503) – Sarakauskas,G (2414)
ch-EU Liverpool ENG (2) 07.09.2006

17: 5th Introductory Game:
Passed pawn in the rook ending
Aronian,L (2750) – Morozevich,A (2758)
WCh Mexico City MEX (8) 21.09.2007

18: 6th Introductory Game:
Rook and three on the kingside vs Rook and two
Ponomariov,R (2739) – Ivanchuk,V (2739)
World Blitz Moscow RUS (35), 18.11.2009

19: 7th Introductory Game:
All rook endings are drawn…
Pert,N (2500) – Webb,L (2336)
BCF-chT 0506 (4NCL) Birmingham (2.3) 23.10.2005

20: 1st Puzzle:
King and Pawn
D. Joseph 1921

21: 2nd Puzzle:
Rook vs Pawn Study
Barbier and Saavedra 1895

22: 3rd Puzzle:
Wells,P (2486) – Pert,N (2484)
Yeovil Congress (3) 06.2003

23: 4th Puzzle:
Pert,N (2541) – Savage,B (2296)
4NCL 2009, 10 Sunningdale ENG (1) 24.10.2009
Part 4: 2400-2600

24: 1st Introductory Game:
Rook and Bishop vs Rook
Pert,N (2541) – Povah,N (2336)
4NCL 2009, 10 Sunningdale ENG (9) 01.05.2010

25: 2nd Introductory Game:
Rook and Bishop vs Rook
Hawkins,J (2232) – Gormally,D (2506)
British Championship (11.5) 08.08.2008

26: 3rd Introductory Game:
Rook and Bishop vs Rook
Efimenko,Z (2594) – Pert,N (2501)
Intl Hastings ENG (2) 30.12.2004

27: 4th Introductory Game:
Queen and Pawn vs Queen
Gelfand,B (2729) – Jobava,B (2651)
Sparkassen Dortmund GER (5) 04.08.2006

28: 1st Puzzle:
Monte Carlo MNC,
P Heuacker 1930

29: 2nd Puzzle:
L. van Vliet 1888

30: 3rd Puzzle:
S Kaminer 1927

31: 4th Puzzle:
Part 4: World Championship!

32: 1st Introductory Game:
Rook, f and h pawn vs Rook
Kramnik,V (2799) – Aronian,L (2739)
Corus A Wijk aan Zee NED (6) 18.01.2008

33: 2nd Introductory Game:
Two Knights vs Pawn
Topalov,V (2702) – Karpov,A (2696)
Amber-rapid 9th Monte Carlo (8) 24.03.2000

34: 3rd Introductory Game:
Rook and Pawn vs Rook
Morozevich,A (2741) – Gelfand,B (2696)
Amber Rapid Monte Carlo MNC (5) 24.03.2005

35: 1st Puzzle:
G N Zakhodiakin 1930

36: 2nd Puzzle:
A Kuznetsov 1964

37: 3rd Puzzle:
John Selman 1940

38: 4th Puzzle

39: Conclusion

Rp. 25.000,-
(2 DVD)
 (Harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim) 

Cara Pemesanan:
  1. Transfer ke BCA 837-0014-991 a/n. Willy Sutanto.
  2. Konfirmasi Transfer via SMS ke 0812-6060-5050.
  3. SMS Judul [Ginger GM] yang Anda pesan. 
  4. Pengiriman dilakukan setiap hari kerja melalui jasa TIKI atau PT. Pos Indonesia.

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